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Cell Phone Radiation Protection

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Globally there is growing consensus that the danger of radiation from cell phones is real. Why are we being exposed to signals that in many cases are ten to one hundred times more liberal than many European and Asian countries? Waveshield has been at the forefront of this issue for more than twelve years. To view our official documents please click here.

Our Story

WaveShield was developed in response to the growing concern about cell phone radiation by our founder Shelly Kalnitsky, a former advertising executive. After seeing an ABC 20/20 report on cell phone dangers on October 20, 1999 he immediately started exploring a way to protect people from this invisible threat. He discovered a patented material that didn’t allow non ionizing radiation to pass through it which led to the birth of the WaveShield. To read our entire story please click here.

Learning Center

It’s important to educate yourself on what’s really happening with cellphone radiation. Is it harmful? Does it cause cancer? In our learning centre you’ll find articles, some based on scientific fact, others written by concerned people who feel that while we wait for the truth to come out we need to take precautions just in case the threat is real. The more you know the better you can protect yourself. To view our articles please click here.

Anti Radiation Products for Mobile Phones, Computers and More

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A Cell Phone Radiation Protection shield company. We sell anti radiation products including Mobile Phone Radiation Protection, computer radiation protection, and Cordless Phone Radiation Protection devices.
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