How it Works

How Anti Radiation Products Work

The Waveshield fits on both cell and cordless phones and is attached by placing it over the earpiece opening on both cell and cordless phones.

The patented material effectively blocks up to 99% of the radiation which passes through the earpiece and into the ear canal which is a direct conduit to the brain.

Because the ear has the highest absorption rate for radiation in the body at 94% it is essential that this radiation is not permitted to enter the ear canal as most new information is clearly pointing to the area inside the ear near the aural nerve or at the end of the ear canal as the place where most new incidences of brain tumors are growing.

There are dozens of different types of cell phones. Some have one internal antenna others have multiple internal antennas for cell, WiFi and GPS functions. When we do our testing we scan the most popular phones and are able to identify where the antennas are and we are also able to measure exactly what is coming out of the earpiece. Rest assured that whatever is coming out of the earpiece will be reduced to almost nothing as our patented Waveshield material blocks and deflects radiation effectively!

Block and Prevent Harmful Cell Phone Radiation With Protective Shields

WaveShield is…
A Cell Phone Radiation Protection shield company. We sell anti radiation products including Mobile Phone Radiation Protection, computer radiation protection, and Cordless Phone Radiation Protection devices.
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