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Wave Shield- The Leading Anti Radiation Products Company

Interact Communications Inc. was established in 1997 with an initiative to bring to market an innovative new product.

WaveShield™ was developed in response to the growing concern about cell phone radiation by our founder: Shelly Kalnitsky, a former advertising executive. After seeing an ABC 20/20 report on cell phone dangers on October 20, 1999 he immediately thought of his family and started finding ways to protect them. After countless amounts of research he discovered a patented material that blocked radiation from penetrating the material which led to the birth of the WaveShield.

Beginning in January of 2000 the first WaveShield™ product for cell phones was produced and soon after there followed additional products designed to block radiation from not only cell phones but also from cordless telephones which can be even more hazardous than cell phones.

On May 31st of 2011 and World Health Organization formerly announced that radiation from cell phones could cause cancer.

Up until this date they had denied there was any link to cell phones and adverse health effects.

While we can’t conclusively say one way or the other whether the risk is real or imaginary there has been enough evidence presented around the world to suggest there is something going on.

Adopting a wait and see attitude which most of the world seems to be doing is not the answer!

We must take precautions now to ensure that we and our children won’t be facing a health nightmare down the road.

Our Innovative Electronic Device and Cell Phone Radiation Shield Offers Full Protection

WaveShield is…
A Cell Phone Radiation Protection shield company. We sell anti radiation products including Mobile Phone Radiation Protection, computer radiation protection, and Cordless Phone Radiation Protection devices.
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